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What we do

DFS Aviation Services GmbH is a wholly owned subsidiary of DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung GmbH, the organisation that in one form or another has been responsible for controlling air traffic in Germany for the past sixty years. Today, DFS manages one of the most complex airspaces in the world with more than 10,000 flights per day.

Four DFS control centres handle three million aircraft movements per year above the central European country. In addition, DFS is responsible for the control of air traffic at the 16 designated international airports in Germany. DFS Aviation Services, in turn, provides air traffic control at nine regional airports in Germany, and through its UK subsidiary, it is also responsible for the provision of air traffic control at London Gatwick, the busiest single runway airport in the world. Every year, 2.4 million take-offs and landings at 25 airports are conducted under the Group's watch in Germany and abroad.

Our company was formed in 2017 by bringing together the Aeronautical Solutions division of DFS and The Tower Company, one of its subsidiaries. Together, we have taken over the commercial business for the DFS Group.

Our core business consists of air navigation services as a certified ANSP in Germany, as well as the worldwide offer of products and services related to air navigation services backed by the expertise of DFS as our parent company. With our two representative offices in Singapore and Beijing we additionally offer opportunities for contact on-site. Through our UK subsidiary, Air Navigation Solutions Ltd., we furthermore provide air navigation services in the United Kingdom.

We are a young, dynamic company with a lean structure that can offer you a comprehensive range of services. We are backed by the DFS Group's years of experience and can draw on the technical and operational expertise of our parent company, one of the world's largest and most advanced ANSPs. This combination allows us to deliver the value for money and quality you need. DFS Aviation Services offers bespoke air navigation systems and related services to air navigation service providers, airports, airlines and supervisory authorities across the globe.

Our main areas of activity:

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Any Questions?

If you have any questions about our offer or a specific inquiry about a project, just give us a call or send us an email:

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