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Foundation of the Federal Administration of Air Navigation Services (BFS) to secure aviation in Germany.

The Federal Ministry of Transport and the Federal Ministry of Defence agree on a first civil-military division of tasks between the allies and the German Armed Forces. 

DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung GmbH was founded.

The core business of DFS is providing en-route control in German airspace and the arrival and departure control at the designated international airports in Germany.

The consulting division was created to handle the large demand for international services.

For the first time, DFS controls more than two million flights in one year.

The international business grew and the Consulting unit became the Aeronautical Solutions division, which offered both consulting services and aeronautical products to commercial customers worldwide.

DFS founded its subsidiary The Tower Company (TTC) to specialise in air traffic services at small and medium-sized airports.
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The UK subsidiary Air Navigation Solutions Ltd. was founded to provide access to the UK market.

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In March, Air Navigation Solutions Ltd. took over air traffic control at London Gatwick Airport, the second-largest airport in the United Kingdom.

In the summer, Air Navigation Solutions Ltd. was awarded the contract to provide air traffic control services at Edinburgh Airport from 2018.

Preparations to establish local representative offices in Singapore and Bejing began.

The wholly owned subsidiary DFS Aviation Services was founded to consolidate the Group's commercial businesses that had been covered by The Tower Company (TTC) and the DFS division Aeronautical Solutions.

The core business is based on two pillars:
On the one hand DFS Aviation Services provides air navigation services (certified ANSP) and on the other hand we offer air traffic management related products and services worldwide.

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