How to safely fly your drones.

Incorrect drone operation poses a huge risk to people and the economy. In 2020, there were 92 reported obstructions caused by drones in German airspace, despite the massive drop in air traffic caused by the Corona pandemic. In previous years, there were 125 (2019) and 159 (2018). In some cases, air traffic was interrupted for several hours as a result. For example, at the start of 2020, flight operations at Frankfurt Airport had to be suspended for several hours due to a drone sighting. 10,000 passengers were affected. Incidents with drones don’t just lead to major economic losses, they also pose a risk to human life, in the event that a pilot is distracted by a drone or there is even a collision with a drone.

DFS Aviation Services is responsible for carrying out Aerodrome Control at various small and medium-sized airports in Germany. We evaluate and develop procedures for the safe incorporation of unmanned aircraft systems into air traffic, taking technical developments, accident investigations and continuously evolving legal regulations into account.

On this page, we have put together information to help you with the safe preparation and implementation of a drone flight.