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DFS Aviation Services and its subsidiaries are responsible for Air Traffic Control at a range of airports and aerodromes around the world, with huge variations in local conditions. Our airports range from AFIS aerodromes and small and medium-sized airports in Germany to high-traffic airports such as such as Edinburgh Airport and Jorge Chávez International Airport in Lima, Peru (Apron Control).

In addition to conventional Air Traffic Control, we also offer highly-developed Remote Tower services. We would be happy to discuss with you the options for using this new technology in your Air Traffic Control or AFIS.

With us as your competent partner, you’ll benefit from our many years of national and international experience in the ATM world. Our ATS experts and air traffic controllers will be happy to deal with your enquiries.

Products & Services

As a certified Air Navigation Service Provider, our top priority is of course to ensure the highest quality and safety standards in the provision of Air Navigation Services. At the same time, as a trusted service provider and partner, we also aim to guarantee prices that are competitive and reasonable.

We offer Aerodrome Control Services individually tailored to your needs, with a choice of different service models.

In 2018, the Emden airfield was the first AFIS-airfield supervised by DAS. Here our licensed specialists take over the AFIS services.

Aerodrome Flight Information Service (AFIS) provides pilots with important information and instructions that are essential for the safe operation of flights. The operation of the aerodrome flight information service may only be carried out with a certification for AFIS services.

Due to the increase in air traffic and in order to enhance safety, including at aerodromes without air traffic controllers, smaller aerodromes are now also required to provide certified AFIS. The aerodromes required to provide AFIS are determined by law in accordance with specific criteria.

The provision of AFIS is subject to certification by the Federal Supervisory Authority for Air Navigation Services (BAF). DFS Aviation Services has obtained this certificate and offers you a range of options in this regard.

In addition to Air Traffic Control and Aerodrome Flight Information Services, DFS Aviation Services also offers expertise in the field of Approach Control.

The entire DFS group has many years of experience here. Our parent company, DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung, provides Approach Control in German airspace for German aerodromes from control centres in Bremen, Langen and Munich.

We ourselves are also currently contracted, through our subsidiary Air Navigation Solutions Ltd, to provide Approach and Aerodrome Control at Edinburgh Airport, Scotland’s busiest and fastest growing airport.

We would be happy to be your contact for Approach Control Services (outside Germany) and concepts, as well as the provision of staff and staff training for Approach Control.

Manage your apron traffic efficiently and safely

The safe, delay-free and orderly handling of taxiing traffic on the apron falls within the responsibility of apron control, or apron management service (AMS). Close cooperation between the control tower and the apron management service is essential to be able to handle aerodrome traffic safely and efficiently.

In Germany, the control of apron traffic is the primary responsibility of the airport operator, but it can also be carried out by external providers, such as the air navigation service provider.

The DFS Group can draw on many years of experience in this field at airports of all sizes and complexities. You will be able to benefit from considerable synergy effects. The air traffic controllers of the DFS Group would be happy to ensure the optimal handling of apron traffic at your airport.

Entrust your apron management service to DFS Aviation Services, an experienced and qualified air navigation service provider.

Remote Tower Control
DFS remotely monitors Saarbrücken Airport

In addition to conventional Air Traffic Control, we also offer our ATS and AFIS as remote services. This means air traffic controllers no longer work on the basis of a view from the tower, but instead rely entirely on a camera and technology-assisted exterior view. This type of service provision is just as safe and customer-friendly as the conventional kind, but also offers the advantage that a cost-intensive tower building at the airport is no longer necessary.
Air traffic controllers can work for you irrespective of location and will be given the appropriate instruction and training for this type of remote deployment at the airport.

We can also provide the necessary technology and operational implementation for this type of remote ATS or AFIS service. Find out more at Remote Tower “as a System”.

The procedures on the ground at an airport, in the tower and in the air are closed interlinked and must be precisely coordinated. This is the only way to ensure that all capacities are engaged and used efficiently.

Take advantage of our ATM expertise as a self-certified ANSP in Germany and the UK, as part of the experienced group around DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung, and from our many years of international projects and partnerships involving a wide variety of air traffic conditions.

We would be happy to advise you on any aspect of Air Traffic Services:

  • Air Traffic Control (ATC), including Area, Approach and Aerodrome Control (ACC, APP, ACS)
  • Flight Information Services (FIS), including Enroute FIS and AFIS
  • Alerting Services (ALRS)


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