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Experienced in-house air traffic system development, professional maintenance services and reliable data provision.

In order to successfully control one of the most complex and high-traffic airspaces in the world, the DFS Group developed its own systems and solutions for Enroute, Approach and Departure control, including A-SMGCS ground situation at an early stage. Today, these high-performance systems have an excellent international reputation.

DFS Aviation Services offers ATM systems and tools from the DFS Group, flexibly tailored to meet your needs. Our solutions are suitable for small and medium-sized as well as large, complex aerodromes.

And you can be assured that the highest quality standards have been met during software development (e.g. EUROCAE ED-153, ED109). All our systems and tools comply with the internationally recognised standards of the ICAO, EUROCONTROL, etc.

Maintenance services and data provision

Even after implementation of your new systems, we won’t leave you on your own. We’ll happily take on the preventive, corrective and even adaptive maintenance of your system to ensure the highest quality and safety standards over the long term.

DFS Aviation Services in Germany can also exclusively offer you the reliable provision of aeronautical data. The data fulfils all the requirements of EU Regulation 2017/373.

Since 2020, we have also been an official inspection body for systems for Bedarfsgesteuerte Nachtkennzeichnung (demand-led night-time marking), so-called BNK systems.

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Aeronautical Data & Engineering

Qualified testing of your BNK system

Wind turbines are an important supplier of “clean energy” in Germany today. To further increase the acceptance of wind turbines among the population, pursuant to the Erneuerbare-Energien-Gesetz (EEG – German Renewable Energy Act), plants in Germany must now be equipped with systems for Bedarfsgesteuerte Nachtkennzeichnung (demand-led night-time marking), so-called BNK systems. These systems ensure that the navigational lights of a wind turbine are only switched on if an aircraft is in the safety-relevant area of a plant.

The exact technical requirements of BNK systems are defined in the German Administrative Rules for the Identification of Aircraft Obstructions (AVV) of 24 April 2020. According to the AVV, BNK systems are subject to an inspection that may only be carried out by a body nominated by the BMVI.

DFS Aviation Services is a certified Air Navigation Service Provider (ANSP) and has been nominated as an official inspection body for BNK systems. This makes us your competent partner for BNK system validation.

Make the most of the service life and performance of your ATS system

For the long-term, efficient use of technical equipment, regular maintenance is required, as well as the actual operation and monitoring. An implemented life cycle management enables the long-term maintenance and continuous further development of your system landscape.

DFS Aviation Services not only develops, uses and distributes the ATM tools of the DFS group worldwide, we also stand by your side as a professional partner following successful implementation. We offer you preventive, corrective as well as adaptive maintenance services, which you can fully adjust to meet your needs and requirements.

For your optimal flight planning

DFS Aviation Services is your reliable and certified provider of aeronautical data for German airspace. The data meets all of the requirements of EU Regulation 2017/373.

The data includes, for example:

  • Flugplandaten / Flugverlaufsdaten (flight plan / history data)
  • Flugverlaufsaufzeichnungen z.B. für Testflüge (flight history recordings e.g. for test flights)
  • Flugspurauswertungen (flight track evaluations)


DFS ATS Suite: Main & Fallback System

We have brought together the majority of our ATM systems and tools for you in our DFS ATS Suite. This modular kit offers flexible, integrated ATC automation components suitable for every ATM environment – large and small towers (both air situation and A-SMGCS modules), Approach, lower and upper airspace control as well as fallback.

At the core of our ATS Suite are the sophisticated and internationally proven DFS PHOENIX components. Depending on your individual needs, you can choose between the DFS ATS Suite as an integrated comprehensive solution from a single source, or individual modules. Experience the benefits of proven ATM systems and tools, developed by ATM experts and already in use worldwide.

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