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Professional ATM training at the DAS Aviation Academy (DAS A²)

The air traffic control training academy of DFS Aviation Services – DAS A² – combines aviation and learning in a practical manner. Through our own work as a certified Air Navigation Service Provider and our training team with many years of international operational and training experience, we understand the challenges faced by the ATM community. In our training courses, we build the perfect bridge for you between theory and practice.

The training portfolio of the DAS A² includes operational training, ongoing vocational training and refresher courses for endorsements and/or the maintenance of competence, as well as qualifications for management level. We also offer training courses and refresher courses for other air traffic services personnel, such as Aerodrome Flight Information Services and Flight Directors.

Our courses meet the regulatory requirements of the EU (conform to EU Regulation 2015/340) and the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). As well as complying with international training standards, we can of course also meet your own individual training needs and requirements.


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Modern simulators and virtual training available

In addition to conventional theoretical training, we offer access to our modern tower and radar simulators in Langen, as well as convenient options for online and remote training.

Our international team of trainers and simulation pilots looks forward to passing on their knowledge and experience to your air traffic control personnel.

DAS Training Brochure

Our training brochure of DFS Aviation Academy offers you the perfect overview of our ATM training portfolio.

Here you can find the training dates for technical air traffic control personnel (ATSEP):

ATCO Initial Training @ DAS A²

Based on our experience as an certified ANSP and Training Academy the DAS A² delivers you comprehensive, quality focused and time saving ATCO initial training to optimally prepare you or your Air Traffic Controllers ab initio for unit training at any Air Traffic Services Unit.


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Enquire directly about your desired training course!

Our range of courses for your air traffic control training

Initial Training
Shaping the future of Air Traffic Control

Based on our experience as an Air Navigation Service Provider and Training Academy we deliver initial training for Air Traffic Control. The object of initial training is to prepare ab initio for unit training at any Air Traffic Services Unit. It includes two phases, basic followed by the appropriate rating element, leading to a certificate of completion which in turn, subject to the relevant in country regulatory requirements, can lead to the issue of a student licence.

Rating training (ADI, APS, ACS) might also be provided as training for conversion to another rating.


Basic & Rating Course for Aerodrome Flight Information Service Officers
The AFISO Basic and Rating course provides the theoretical and practical requirements for a career as an AFISO.

The training takes place in state-of-the-art tower simulators. Upon successful completion of both courses, participants receive a certificate with which they can apply for the AFIS trainee licence. This is required for starting training at an AFIS location.

The course complies with German (FSPersAV), European (EASA) and ICAO standards.

Next Dates

AFIS Basic 5: 17 June – 05 July 2024
AFIS Rating 5: 08 July – max. 02 August 2024

AFIS Basic 6: 30 September – 18 October 2024
AFIS Rating 6: 21 October – max. 15 November 2024

Find out more in our DAS Training Brochure.
Find out more in our DAS Training Brochure.
Find out more in our DAS Training Brochure.
Find out more in our DAS Training Brochure.
Continuation (Refresher) Training
Perform competence assessments of air traffic controllers

Assessors for air traffic controllers regularly need to renew and update their skills and qualities.In this course DFS Aviation Services focuses on assessment skills and current operational practices in order to either extend or renew an assessor’s endorsement according to ATCO.C.060 (EU) 2015/340. The course combines classroom-based lessons with practical exercises/simulations

Maintain ATC standards and competence through effective and individual training

This continuation course enables operational ATCOs to maintain the validity of their licence and enhance their existing competences.

Whether your ATCOs need practical experience in high paced and complex traffic, or you need to comply with regulation for standards maintenance, DFS Aviation Services offers a tailored competence training.

State-of-the-art simulators and internationally qualified instructors with experience in complex and high-traffic airspaces allow us to design, adapt and deliver an environment that closely represents actual operational circumstances.

Successfully deal with unexpected events and emergency situations

A fundamental element of a competence scheme is the regular training and refreshing of air traffic control’s appropriate and speedy response to emergency situations.

Controllers are not exposed to abnormal or emergency situations in their day-to-day duties. It is then understand-able that there is a need to practice and assess in a simulated environment. This helps to maintain not only actions from memory but also to review current procedures/checklists.

DFS Aviation Services can offer you classical emergency training topics such as situational awareness, emergency control and coordination as well as ICAO procedures for emergencies.

Abnormal situation training, such as unlawful interference and strayed or unidentified aircraft, can be pre-sented in conjunction with emergency refresher training.

Contain and control human error

To contain and control human error, one must understand its nature.

The refresher course for human factors aims to maintain skills in a competence programme so that the existing knowledge and skills of air traffic controllers are checked, expanded or improved on.

Language Proficiency Training

For aviation radio telephony a good level of language proficiency is crucial. Therefore air traffic services personnel, pilots and other flight crew require a language proficiency endorsement in order to ensure an understandable and safe communication. The proof of language skills must also be regularly refreshed.

DFS Aviation Services offers qualified language proficiency testing for English or German according to the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) requirements.

On-the-job-training for instructors’ competency maintenance and renewal

In order to extend the endorsement for ATCO instructors according to Commission Regulation (EU) 2015/340 (renewal), instructors need to regularly update their theoretical knowledge and practical skills.

The OJTI refresher and renewal training at DFS Aviation Services is preceded by a valuable short self-study part before the training day. The training itself is divided into a classroom-based part, in which the theoretical knowledge, skills and behaviours are refreshed, a written performance check on the topics covered as well as a practical part.

The practical part is carried out using a highly professional PC-based simulation. This includes the provision of a PC with the simulation software and locations that allow both the OJT (participant with trainee) and the OJTI to be observed by the assessor.

Specific Skill Training
Ensure ATC standards and competence through effective and individual training

The last years have seen the shift from traditional, one-size-fits-all, teaching methods, to competency-based training. This shift, stemming from the pressure on resources available to ANSPs, has quickly delivered positive results – not least a highly qualified workforce that is able to adapt to an ever changing environment.

Competency-based training and assessment makes use of a systematic approach and is focused on specific skill development compared to traditional training with a uniform training plan. With the focus on your students’ unique state of knowledge and skills, the experienced instructors of DFS Aviation Services will analyse your company’s training needs and enable your students to perform today’s highly complex ATM jobs.

ADCON-TID im Einsatz am Flughafen.
Remain competent in a fast-changing ATM environment

Changes to the operational environment, system upgrades or changes to regulations and procedures. All of these bring with them the need for training in order for air traffic service personnel to remain efficient and safe. The need for conversion training is typically determined by measuring the impact of the change on the ability of staff to continue to perform their tasks competently.

Training specifications and objectives are designed based on either the client’s request, or DFS Aviation Services can conduct an analysis to provide you with the most efficient and comprehensive solution.

Our conversion training is aimed at maintaining current competences while using new systems or procedures implemented by the service provider. The range of services offered in our training programme spans from classroom-based briefings to true-to-life advanced simulations with the option of custom scenarios and traffic patterns.

Implementation and maintenance training for your SMS

A functioning safety management system (SMS) is essential in every organisation, especially in a safety-critical industry such as air traffic control. And a safety system can only function if the staff is adequately trainedfor it.

DFS Aviation Services can deliver customised training events and develop a cost-effective and efficient SMS training programme. This enables service providers to comply with the requirement of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). Such training facilitates the process of SMS implementation and/or mainte-nance, as well as acting as a refresher for personnel.

Conduct targeted training and development

Changes to the operational environment, system upgrades or changes to regulations and procedures bring with it the need for professional training in order for air traffic service personnel to remain efficient and safe.

The purpose of the train-the-trainer course of DFS Aviation Services is to teach instructors and trainers the most effective ways to transfer knowledge. Focused on both experienced and new instructors as well as sub-ject-matter experts, the course teaches the best possible ways of improving the design, delivery and evaluation of training events. The course also includes the key aspects of facilitating group based training events and what is required to maximise such events in respect of both knowledge retention and participation.

Management Training
Manage day-to-day operations

In today’s ATM environment, ATS supervisors serve as the crucial link between air traffic controllers and ATM managers. ATS supervisors maintain safety and efficiency in an operational and tactical environment. Often called upon to make critical and on-the-spot decisions, ATS supervisors are required high-quality and focused training.

This training of DFS Aviation Services provides potential and existing ATS supervisors with the skills to maintain situational awareness in a dynamic environment while applying best-practice leadership principles. The participants also receive input on specialist topics that are relevant for a supervisor in addition to operational supervision.

Enable success through quality-trained leaders

Managers and potential managers in air traffic services (ATS) continuously need to broaden their knowledge base and potential for problem solving and finding innovative strategies and tools to be applied in ATM.

DFS Aviation Services can provide management training that combines classroom-based lectures with the oppor-tunity to discuss current day challenges and solutions in ATM with experts and managers.

The course is based on recognised leadership principles applied internationally in the ATM domain and knowledge of experienced subject matter professionals.

Staff Selection Service

Having the “right” employees is one of the main factors for success. In the field of ATC, this is linked to specific skills and knowledge, as well as compliance with regulatory requirements. Beyond that, the individual attitude and motivation of each individual is crucial and makes the difference. We help you to find the “right” employee for your company considering legal requirements, official research findings and our experience as an air navigation service provider.

We offer to you:

  • Selection or support in the selection of ATCOs or AFISOs
  • Assessment of previous competence (ATCO)
  • Competency check (AFISO)
Customised Training

The optimal training for your individual needs and circumstances is not always easy to find and sometimes simply requires an individual approach.

We are more than happy to listen to your specific training goals and to provide you a customised concept. Doesn’t matter if you are looking for a one day training course or a longer lasting training project.

We look forward to your request!


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