Initial Training for ATCOs

Experience is key
Based on our experience as an certified ANSP and Training Academy the DAS A² delivers you comprehensive, quality focused and time saving ATCO initial training to optimally prepare you or your Air Traffic Controllers ab initio for unit training at any Air Traffic Services Unit.

Full potential in 2 steps
The training includes two phases (basic + rating), leading to a certificate of completion which in turn, can lead to the issue of a ATCO student licence (subject to the relevant in country regulatory requirements).

Highly modern and qualified
Our training is held in state-of-the-art, highly realistic simulators and fully compliant with regulation VO (EU) 2015/34.

Your benefits

Premium quality!
Highest professionalism!
Latest technology!

Course Content

Basic & Rating Training for Aerodrome, Approach or Area Control Services

The Basic training provides theoretical and practical training designed to impart knowledge and practical skills related to basic operational procedures.

The course contains 12 practical exercises, each in tower and radar environment. In further 10 exercises, you can deepen the knowledge on your own responsibility.


The Rating training provides theoretical and practical training designed to impart the knowledge and practical skills related to the specific rating.

The participant will get 60 exercises of simulator-based training in the specific rating environment. In further 10 exercises, participants can deepen the knowledge they have learned on their own responsibility.

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