PHOENIX WebInnovation im Einsatz

PHOENIX WebInnovation in use at the EURO 2020 European Football Championship


The web-based PHOENIX WebInnovation air traffic control system from DFS Aviation Services was used successfully during the European Football Championship (EURO 2020). As part of the administrative assistance provided for the Bavarian Police Helicopter Squadron, which involved staff from the DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung (DFS) in Langen and air traffic controllers from the DFS Munich branch, the system was used to monitor the airspace in the restricted area and the radio mandatory zone. For this event, PHOENIX WebInnovation was provided as an entirely web-based solution with no prior hardware/software installation. The operators were able to access the system quickly and easily via the internet. During three preliminary matches and one quarter-final match, DFS and the police monitored the airspace around the Allianz Arena in Munich, which was restricted within a radius of 21.6 km.

Operations of this kind are designated as “Besondere Nutzung des Luftraums” (special use airspace), or BNL for short. They involve enforcing a total ban on flights within German airspace during major sporting events and political events with high-profile VIPs in attendance. A restricted area is set up around the conference or event venue in which all air traffic is prohibited. In this context, DFS is responsible for publishing aeronautical information and providing information for general aviation, while also helping the Bavarian police to monitor the no-fly zone.

Andreas Miltner, a BNL specialist at DFS Langen, describes the use of PHOENIX WebInnovation: “The system can be used very flexibly, which is particularly helpful for special operations of this kind. We only need an internet connection and the system runs on our laptop. The user interface features a modern design and its use is simple and intuitive. The controller can access all information, not only from the controller’s workstation but also remotely. We were very satisfied with the operation; all our requirements were met in full.”

PHOENIX WebInnovation@Cloud is an integrated, web and cloud-based air traffic control system that is available as a modern “Software as a Service” model (SaaS). The tool is based on the internationally established DFS PHOENIX tracker technology and impresses thanks to its contemporary design. At its core it offers a modern, convenient radar screen that can be used as an airborne situational awareness display. PHOENIX WebInnovation runs in a web browser – independently of hardware and operating systems – and allows flexible use on various devices such as PCs, laptops and tablets.

Among other customers, Hamburg Airport and the tower at Schwäbisch-Hall Airport are already successfully using PHOENIX WebInnovation. Throughout Europe, DFS Aviation Services is a pioneer in this market segment thanks to its combination of web technology and air navigation service applications.

More information about PHOENIX WebInnovation here.

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