DFS Center Suite

DFS Center Suite can be implemented either as a main or fallback system. It is also suitable for use in a dedicated Contingency Center.

The DFS Center Suite also features proven DFS PHOENIX modules, such as PHOENIX Multi Sensor Data Fusion Tracker (MSDF), PHOENIX Air & Ground Situation Display or PHOENIX Air Safety Net.

Looking for a high-performance Arrival Manager? Find out more below about the internationally proven DFS AMAN.

Any questions about our Center systems and tools? We look forward to your enquiry.

Components of the DFS Center Suite

Cloud-based ATM system available on the go

PHOENIX WebInnovation@Cloud is an integrated, web and cloud-based air traffic management system that follows the modern “Software as a Service” approach (SaaS).

PHOENIX WebInnovation@Cloud is based on our web-based air and ground situation display, PHOENIX WebInnovation (see below). It provides a modern, comfortable radar display usable as an air situation display and is fully compliant with all relevant EUROCONTROL standards in respect of surveillance and flight plan information.

The technology is based on state-of-the-art web technology and is fully cloud-based. This means it can be used remotely from all kinds of different devices, such as laptops, tablets, or even mobile phones.

This flexible and modern tool meets the needs of the whole aviation industry, including ANSPs, airports, airlines and also emergency services.

We offer you three attractive price models with a range of services to suit your needs.


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In August 2019, Hamburg Airport became the first airport worldwide to operate our new web-based, cloud-enabled radar display PHOENIXWebInnovation from DFS Aviation Services. The tool for radar and flight plan information is being used in the vehicles of the airport’s apron management service as a mobile solution. Drivers can track all flight movements in real time and plan their routes accordingly.

Cloud-ready ATS tool available on the go

Based on our existing and well-established tracker technology DFS PHOENIX, the PHOENIX WebInnovation is a highly integrated, web-based and cloud-ready HMI with an intuitive design.

At its core, it provides a modern, comfortable radar display usable as an air and ground situation display. The working position can be extended by adding an auxiliary monitor, known as the info & support display. This can be used for meteorological information, navigational charts and other relevant content.

The technology is independent of hardware and operating systems and so can be used from all kinds of different devices, such as laptops, tablets, or even mobile phones. It is based on web technology and cloud-ready, which enables the users to access the display not only from a controller working position, but also remotely from any other location.

PHOENIX WebInnovation is fully compliant with all relevant EUROCONTROL standards as regards surveillance, flight plan and weather information, and supports a variety of different interfaces.

The flexible and modern tool meets the needs of the whole aviation industry, such as ANSPs, airports, airlines and also emergency services.

High-performance system for optimal operational decisions

The Arrival Manager (AMAN) is a real-time arrival management system that has been operationally proven in the field for more than 20 years.

The modular system can automatically change operating scenarios and makes up-to-date planning suggestions to the controller. It continuously calculates handover and landing times as well as an optimal approach sequence on the basis of various parameters, such as speed, current and predicted flight path, real-time weather conditions, aircraft performance, traffic density and controller activities. AMAN is able to register all arriving aircraft within a range of 200NM or more around the airport.

The AMAN system can meet the needs of even highly complex airspace structures. It is fully compliant with internationally accepted air traffic management standards, such as those from ICAO and EUROCONTROL, and it fulfils the ASBU requirements.

The all-in-one solution for your air traffic controller working position

Our modular DFS ATM Suite offers you a modern, highly-customisable HMI for the controller working position. It is designed to meet the needs of both air and ground surveillance.

The HMI layout is customisable for adjustable target head symbols and labels, picture in picture, map layers, colours, fonts, zooming levels, filters, menus and toolbars.

Together with flight data processing and clearance function, we offer you an integrated solution for your CWP.

The MSDF Tracker impressing customers from all over the world

The PHOENIX MSDF Tracker from the DFS Group is a powerful tool for multisensor data fusion. With the aid of more than 200 parameters and filters, the tracker can be adapted to any complex air or ground surveillance situation. It can process sensor and position data from up to 50 sensors and simultaneously track 5,000 linear moving, manoeuvring, accelerating or permanently positioned targets on the ground and in the air. One of its outstanding features is the seamless transition from air to ground and vice versa.

All input and output interfaces are compliant with EUROCONTROL ASTERIX categories.

Supporting warnings for your air traffic controllers

With the Safety Net functions, you can provide ongoing support to your air traffic controllers. The system fulfils all international requirements and features various warning messages, such as short-term conflict alert warnings, area intrusion alerts, minimum safe altitude warnings and approach path monitoring. The generated alarms are made available in the form of EUROCONTROL ASTERIX messages.

Reliable processing of your flight plan data throughout the whole PHOENIX system

The PHOENIX FDPS has control over all flight plans and ensures system-wide consistency by means of persistent storage in a relational database. All PHOENIX clients with the appropriate permission can request the creation, modification or deletion of a flight plan. The PHOENIX FDPS maintains an overview and makes a reliable determination as to whether the request should be accepted or not.

Flight plans are generally entered into the system via external interfaces. The external interfaces may receive flight plan messages in various proprietary formats or international formats such as ICAO/AFTN, ASTERIX Cat. 032 or ADEXP.

Independent monitoring and analysis functions

Technical experts are very often required to investigate massive amounts of surveillance data. To save time and effort, the technical monitoring and analysis function is equipped with a central server for surveillance data and flight plan recording and replay. The recorded data can be synchronised and easily replayed in standard formats in the local network at multiple speeds.

Convenient monitoring and control via central Maintenance Working Position

Your system’s hardware, software and all of its data interfaces can be monitored and controlled through the monitoring and control HMI from the central working position (Maintenance Working Position, MWP).

In addition, your technical staff can stop and restart every monitored element from this central position. Convenient messages, logs and alarms support them in their day-to-day work.

These functions are all available remotely via the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP).

Multiple configuration options for all functional roles

The need for configurability is ever growing, for example when different application contexts need a different set of functions, or settings.

The chain of aircraft control requires a variety of roles (tower or center controllers, planners, shift leaders, managers, technicians, engineers) which must be functionally differentiated in the application. A multiplicity of software versions is not a solution, as it could cause a serious configuration management problem. This poses a risk to efficient and safe operations.

For the PHOENIX components of our DFS Tower & Center Suite we therefore developed a generalised approach to configurability in large client-server network systems. This means that your employees can use the application in their various roles without any worries and can be assured their work will be safe and uninterrupted.


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