DFS Support Suite

DFS Support Suite includes all the supporting – but no less important – functionalities for the optimal monitoring and analysis of your Air Navigation Services and air traffic.

From system status and tests to maintenance activities, error prevention and safeguarding performance. DFS Support Tools indicate the potential for optimisation, warn of dangers or errors and provide you and your air traffic controllers with reliable support for the safe and efficient handling of air traffic.

Components of the DFS Support Suite

Performance analyses at the highest quality level

The PHOENIX AWP was originally developed to evaluate the tracking performance of the PHOENIX MSDF tracker. Tracker developers required a tool to display sensor measurements, tracked targets, tracking results and the associated statistics.

Today the PHOENIX AWP has established itself as a proven and essential module in the DFS Support Suite and has been continuously developed for you.

The AWP provides successful support for you in the following fields:

  • Tracking performance evaluation of several trackers such as the PHOENIX tracker, ARTAS and the ATCAS RDPS
  • Sensor performance evaluation with GPS reference tracks
  • Legal recording and airspace incident investigation (i.e. safety management)
A powerful tool to support technical supervision, analysis and verification

The VisAV-E Software is a standalone tool for the technical supervision, analysis and verification of ground and air surveillance situations. It provides customers with a set of advantageous functions, reportings, KPIs and statistics to monitor the performance of their sensors and ATS system during all life-cycle phases.

The tool has been developed for Linux platforms and combines the experience of decades of technical, surveillance and operational experts.


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